Affluents Seek Agents Who Specialize

By Barbara Peterson
Travel Industry Report
March 6, 2015

Affluent clients are less wedded to their loyalty programs, leaving them more open to the wider range of travel options and prices offered by travel agents, according to a new study from Unity Marketing detailing upscale clients’ plans for 2015.

The study polled 1,300 consumers. Building on previous research, it found that many “affluents” – generally those with six-figure incomes – are more prone to tackle the research and planning themselves.

The importance of specializing
But travel agents shouldn’t be discouraged by that, said Pam Danziger, president of the luxury research firm.
Affluents often find travel professionals via their specialties, she said.

Travel agents should “ think about what their brand is and differentiate themselves,” she said, adding that high-income travelers  “want to go to specialists.”

“These days, when you can get everything anywhere, generalists are not going to solve anything,” Danziger added.
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