Booking Celebration Travel for Millennials

May 4, 2015
Travel Agent Central
By Joe Pike

It’s hard to talk about any niche market without including its appeal to Millennial travelers. After all, Millennials, most commonly defined as anyone born in 1979 or after, are becoming one of those most sought out demographics by advisors simply because Millennial clients are adventurous, fearless and love to spend. “The Millennials who were bit with the travel bug will use any excuse to travel, including celebrating life events,” saysSarah Nelson Wandrey, an agent with Travel Leaders and the national manager of finance for Millennials in Travel. “Many Millennials celebrate major milestones … by traveling for birthdays, graduations, destination weddings, honeymoons, bachelor/bachelorette parties, baby-moons and even promotions [at work].”

Beach destinations remain popular with Millennials who are marking a milestone.

How Do They Like to Party?

Travel Agent spoke to some of our valued experts in Millennial travel and learned what types of celebration travel are hot amongst the Generation Y demographic and what are the hottest destinations for Millennial celebration travel.
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