What’s Going on in the Sun-kissed Caribbean?

This being the time of the year that many U.S. consumers greatly miss the sun and fun of the summer, we are bringing to your attention to a recent presentation organized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization and some of its members.  You will find some notes as to what is new,  what’s coming ahead, what  types of trips and activities your clients can enjoy.

The Bahamas…..700 islands….2,000 cays.  You can never see it all!  Have you visited the underwater sculpture garden in Nassau?  bahamasBoatsBLOGHave your clients been to Andros Island, the largest of all the islands? If you have clients interested in bone fishing,  there’s no better location.

Martinique……new airlift from Norwegian Air provides more arrivals at lower cost, so clients who previously balked at  changing planes can jump aboard Norwegian.  Be sure to visit the Slave Savannah Museum for a historical take.  Martinique, with its French heritage, is a foodie’s delight.

Puerto Rico….the All Star Island.  The  #1 reason to go – more air service than anywhere in the Caribbean means easy travel and when you add that to no passports required,  this is a simple option for many U.S. consumers.  Puerto Rico is for golfers.  With 21 golf courses on the island there is much variety.

Saint Lucia……  Have you visited the world’s only drive-in volcano?  You can find it here StLuciaWedding_BLOGalong with feasts for those epicurean clients. Romance is another specialty of Saint Lucia, weddings will be delightful in their simply beautiful environment.

St. Martin/St. Maarten…….two is always better than one, right?  With the Dutch heritage and French heritage,  you have wonderful options including 13 casinos on the Dutch side,   a new zip line,  and the laid back culture of St. Martin’s French side,  where no buildings are taller than a palm tree. Powder white sand beaches await those sun-seeking clients!

The U.S. Virgin Islands offer three unique destinations,  St John, St Croix, St Thomas, all reached without a passport, for your clients who still refuse to invest in one! There are non-stop  flights from major gateways.  And as far as getting married in the islands?  No barriers, no fuss,  no waiting; your clients can do the simple paperwork in advance, online.

Belize offers inland adventures and beach adventures because of its unique geography inBELIZEblog Central America on the Caribbean sea.   Belize is known for its distinct biodiversity, making it a very different Caribbean destination for your customers who may be seeking more than beaches for activities, but wants to stay in a beach resort.  Belize has the largest cave system in Central America, offering very different adventure options than one expects in the Caribbean.

The Cayman Islands consider themselves to be the “Culinary Capitol of the Caribbean”  because of the many highly rated restaurants on the islands.  Cayman Airways serves many U.S. airports with flights.  A British culture means English is spoken and with 365 dive sites, you could dive every day of the year!

Curacao offers a culture unlike others with its Dutch/Caribbean heritage.  The capitol is a UNESCO World Heritage site with colorful and charming architecture. Visit the Floating Market there, a unique concept that unites the water and fauna of Curacao. Curacao is considered to be a very welcoming destination for your LGBT clients.  Those who love the sea can snorkel with over 500 species of fish!

Jamaica,  All Right! Jamaicans consider their lovely island  to be the most active jamaicaATVsBLOGdestination for tourists. From championship golf courses to horseback riding,  hiking, rafting, watersports,  ATVs….you have it all.  For something new for your clients visiting Jamaica,  in 2016,  the Royalton White Sands 2 in Negril will be opening up.

British Virgin Islands.  With the US dollar as the currency of choice, the British Virgin Islands are an easy choice destination for clients seeking beautiful waters, privacy and luxury. For no-wait weddings, BVI is a is the place.  Yachting vacations are a great way for your clients to feel pampered while exploring the many islands in this English-speaking island group.  Oil Nut Bay in Virgin Gorda is a lovely gem for your clients to try.  Villas are a great option in the BVI.

And last but certainly not least, Anguilla is a perfect match for your clients seeking destination weddings or culinary-focused vacations.  Have you tried Zemi Beach Resort and Spa?   Located on 6 ocean-front acres,  this property reflects the natural beauty of Anguilla.   You will also find a large inventory of villas on Anguilla, so no matter what accommodations your client is seeking, Anguilla is ready to welcome them.

Many thanks to the Caribbean Tourism Organization  for this update seminar.  For more information, visit onecaribbean.org






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