In Pursuit of Passion: A Love Story in Learning to Sell Travel

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Passion is what moves people to greatness. The building of Rome, the crafting of a fine wine, the solo trip made across the globe—all these things accomplished by people who are passionate about what they do.

Translating into every part of life, the need for passion is especially true for today’s travel agent. In a world filled with distraction, consumers are inundated with endless options from what to eat for dinner to how to plan the trip of their wildest imaginings.

Most of today’s travelers crave an authentic travel experience; the beaten path and the cliché will no longer do—and with this in mind it is time to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to serving your clients and growing your market.

But how do you start?

The path begins with identifying the destinations and types of travel that excite you—that you love and that you’re passionate about— and exploring and researching everything there is to know in order to sell to your clients.

This process once meant hours of endless web searches, but with Travel Agent University, you have the premier e-learning tool that will help you assess, prioritize, and take action to close more business, prospect new markets, and upsell your clients by growing your knowledge of destinations and travel suppliers. The fact is, when agents specialize in a product or destination, they sell more of it and at higher yields!

Loaded with resources, such as supplier training courses, webinars, itineraries, and other resources that you can share with your clients, here is how TAU can work for you and put more money in your pocket.

→ Seal The Deal: Closing Existing Business

Continuing your education with TAU will help you close more business. Completing supplier courses will keep you in the know about special promotions and extra perks that will get your clients to sign on the dotted line.

→ A Whole New World: Prospecting New Markets

The variety of product training courses is the way to explore and prospect new markets and discover new passions. 97% of TAU graduates thought they had a better understanding of a supplier’s unique selling points after completing courses on TAU. Becoming a specialist gives you the confidence to sell new clients the trips and adventures that they want, now that you are armed with the knowledge to  give them the best travel experience they’ve ever had.

→ The Sky’s The Limit: Upselling Your Clients

TAU will increase your commissions by helping you upsell your clients. Each supplier course offers you valuable insider tips on how to upsell your clients with cabin upgrades, tour add-ons, and suite promotions. Providing these “nice-to-haves” and “extras” to your clients will grow your commissions and ensure that they come back to you for their next trip.

TAU is critical to propelling your business forward— nearly 40% of TAU graduates book $1million+ in annual sales by continuing their education and building their supplier knowledge. By learning more about the destinations you love and discovering new ones, you can serve your existing clients and close more business, grow and prospect new markets, upsell your clients, and grow your commissions by following your passion.


New Travel Agents: How to Start Your Education

By Ruthanne Terrero
Travel Agent magazine
April 7, 2016

It’s said that having too many choices often results in an angst that you’ve picked the wrong thing. It’s easy to analyze options to pieces only to agonize when you’ve made your selection. This must be an issue for newbie travel agents, who have the entire world in front of them to learn about. Where do you begin?

Consider the following assessment strategy.

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VP/Editorial Director, Ruthanne Terrero

You’re in business, so you need to earn a viable income. I suggest going for the low-hanging fruit, the travel offerings that will provide an immediate return. Take supplier and destination courses that give you the 101 on how to sell to more than just one type of client, that verse you in the art of upselling and give you specific instructions on how to close the deal.

Next step: Cultivating a new business isn’t all about the now. You need to nurture new markets by learning about products and places that speak to emerging trends. Read up on where new hotels are being developed in international markets; the larger lodging companies often have an eye on those places that have the potential for new tourists. Which new ports are the cruise lines visiting? Assemble as much information as possible on where to go next so you’ve got much to offer that new sophisticated client who comes your way.  Read more